From the early 1920s until the mid-1950s, Frazer Nash was the epitome of a classic British sports car that many young men aspired to own.

The story begins way before that, however, in 1906-7, when Archibald Goodman Frazer-Nash met Harold Ronald Godfrey when they were engineering students at Finsbury College.

In this section you will find information about the People, Cars, Companies and Competitions that came to give this iconic line of sports car their legendary status.


Settle down with a cup of coffee or glass of wine and enjoy the following videos.

This first is a recording of a lecture given by Archives Trustee James Trigwell to a group of Frazer Nash-BMW owners and members of the public in 2014 during our exhibition at the Rivers and Rowing Museum in Henley-on-Thames: http://bmwhistoricmotorclub.co.uk/frazer-nash-the-bmw-connection/

Next is a documentary film made by Oliver Roblin and Bjorn Storstein. This was filmed at the Frazer Nash Archives and also on location at Coldharbour Farm and at Castle Combe. This film not only gives a brief overview of the marque's history, but also goes some way to explain the fascination of owning a GN, Frazer Nash or FN-BMW: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=EISAuRRIWx4&t=88s

If you have a keen interest in the many models of car that Frazer Nash produced, or if you’re looking for some detailed specifications of Frazer Nash car models, click on “Cars” to see timelines of Frazer Nash’s production throughout the 20th century as well as pictures and short articles about them.

Inspiring people build inspiring things. To learn more about the inspirational designers, engineers and visionaries that pooled their skills and expertise to produce Frazer Nash cars, click on “Personalities”. You’ll be taken to short biographies of some of the most influential people in Frazer Nash’s history that outline how they contributed to this historic series of vehicles.

Companies and Competitions
For a broader view of Frazer Nash, and the various companies that produced Frazer Nash models throughout the 20th Century, click on “Companies”. This will take you to a timeline and overview of the various trading names of Frazer Nash and how they evolved into one another over the last century.