A number of Frazer Nash enthusiasts visited the Archives for the annual Open Day on August 13th.  An exhibition had been prepared including many of the photographs in the collection of Nashes in the Alpine Trials of 1932, 1933 and 1934, together with pictures of cars entered in the post-war Trials, including the team of early Bristols entered by HJA in the 1949 event.  It is hoped that it will be possible to display these photographs at the Party in December.  The exhibition also included the Coupe des Glaciers trophies won by HJA in 1932 and 1934.

Amongst the visitors was Matthew Austin, whose grandfather Gerald owned the Cabriolet from 1959 until he sold it to Bill Aldington in 1972.

A very pleasant day, with the odd glass of wine accompanying the talk of Frazer Nashes.

Photo shows part of the display, including: competitors' medals from the 1933 and '34 events, 1932 diary of Maxwell who co-drove with Gripper on the 1932 Trial (winning a Coupe des Glaciers and Fastest Climb of the Stelvio Pass), preliminary sketch by Bill Aldington for an advertisement following the success of 'Aldy' Aldington in gaining a Coupe des Glaciers, car plate from 1933 from Arline Needham's car, Alpine Trial regulations 1933)