Photo: The Cabriolet at a wet Curborough circuit

Simon Taylor, well-known motoring writer and Editor of Classic and Sports Car magazine, recently visited the Archives to research material for a forthcoming article on Post-War Frazer Nashes.  With James Trigwell’s help he planned to gather together seven examples of the marque, representing all of the important post-war models, and including both of the post-war cars in the Archives collection.

The photo-shoot for the article was held at Curborough, some 95 miles north of Henley, and on 21st March James and Roger set off in the 1951 ‘Stirling Moss’ Le Mans Rep and the 1949 Cabriolet.

The trip up to Lichfield was event-free, apart from a couple of heavy and very cold showers.  The following day was very wet, when seven post-war Nashes gathered at the somewhat desolate sprint track.  Other cars were Phil Champion’s Mille Miglia, Erika Pilkington’s Sebring, Robert Mansfield’s Targa Florio, and Richard  Procter’s Le Mans Coupé.   The only non-Bristol-engined car was the V8  BMW-engined Continental of Julian Majzub, this car being the last Frazer Nash built at the Falcon Works.

Proceedings started with a static shot of all seven cars on the track, followed by moving shots behind the camera car.  Each car was then photographed in detail, and then in motion, from a variety of angles. 

Simon had an early association with the Le Mans Rep;  he was at school with Reggie Wright’s son, and remembers as a schoolboy gazing in wonder at this famous car. The Archives cars behaved impeccably when Simon drove them; he was very enthusiastic about both, and we look forward to reading his verdict which will appear in an 8-page article in Classic & Sports Car.  A notice will appear on this website News page to notify viewers when the magazine is available.