Despite a forecast of snow, volunteers arrived at the Archives on Thursday, 12th January for another working day to help with sorting, indexing and data entry of original paperwork. A continuing, monumental task but each effort brings progress.

During the day, Melanie and Bill Fone and Robert Mansfield worked on the Bristol, DKW, DKW and Manurhin scooters, and Porsche tractor files.  They were sorted and indexed, and all but the Bristol files were entered into spreadsheets. Meanwhile, Bill Rosten continued with sorting the Kingston service dockets and, apart from some conservation work needed on a final few, these are close to being ready for scanning.

Although these tasks are mainly an exercise in sorting by date and alphabet, it is impossible to ignore the fascination of the material content which raises questions as well as providing answers. Robert Mansfield writes: “By 1962 Manurhin seemed very keen to sell on the last 600 units to AFN at discounted prices. There is an AFN advert for the BMW Isetta alongside the DKW Hobby scooter, so clearly AFN were importers and concessionaires for both. AFN had close dealings with DKW which culminated in the production of the Frazer Nash DKW which raced in the TT at Dundrod in 1955. Were more than one made? I guess that Aldington was also talking to Porsche at about this time and that he saw more future with Porsche than with DKW.”

Grateful thanks, as always, for the enthusiastic assistance. There’s a warm welcome to anyone who wishes to join in. Our next working day will be on Thursday, 9th February – please contact either Roger Richmond ( or 01725 511465) or Peter Livesey ( or 01494 881453) for further details.