Since John Aldington’s death in 2007, the Archives continued his work in regaining control of the Frazer Nash trademark. The mark had been registered to Porsche since their takeover of AFN Ltd., although a mysterious German, Herr Dieckmann, appeared to have registered the mark in the EU.

The first move was to secure the name under Section 41, which covers Club Services, and this was followed in 2009 by registration of the Frazer Nash mark in the UK under Section 12 - Motor cars and fittings for motor cars. It was then possible to register the mark to cover all countries in the EU. This was been achieved without encountering opposition from either Porsche or Herr Dieckmann. Although the Archives have initiated and funded these applications, the registrations have been in the name of the Club; this is in part due to the strong position of the Club in producing spares through Frazer Nash Limited.

The final move was to register the GN mark and logo, which has been successfully achieved. The ownership of the Frazer Nash and GN trademarks considerably strengthens our legal position.